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Question: How can we create genuine and professional Online experiences appropriate to the company in question? Content of the presentation, Exchange, Knowledge transfer, Can we guarantee networking?

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The all-in-one solution for your digital space

  • Hybrid solutions with innovative implementation for conferences, events, all types of production -> BOTH DIGITAL AND ANALOGUE
  • Interactive streaming platform for up to 250* participants
  • Customized development & implementation of individual products

Planning, development & implementation of high quality streaming products

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Vienna Struggle - Strudle
  • For all companies and event sizes
  • Individual & tailormade solutions —> analog, digital, hybrid
  • Wide, experienced & comprehensive team of digital experts (visualists, programmers, UX and UI designers, process & project managers)
  • Customized collaboration structure & individual integration of the diverse network of experts from different industries (creative, art, innovation, gamification, ...)

Strudle offers these solutions and products

Individual setup of streaming platforms including consulting, development, support and full equipment for the streaming kit, live editing, no prefabricated system or digital product but instead hybrid implementation customized for your needs

Streaming platform
Streaming kits


  • Concept consulting & implementation
  • Technical consulting & support
  • Technology Equipment with set-up
  • Recording Set-up & staging on site
  • Setup & support
  • Integrated paywall tools & ticketing solutions
  • Experimental technologies AR / VR, 3D, drone shots, etc.
  • Customized business model design & micropage (individual Landing Page)
  • Participant interaction (video, chat) & gamification tools
  • Live support services (chat, chatbot)

Case Study

Business Riot Series - Digital


Question: The customer wants two one-day online training and networking events for up to 100 participants taking part at the same time. This should correspond to the company CI, be easy to use and contain smooth communication between experts/organizers and customers/participants. Many customers are yet inexperienced in participating in interactive digital events, so the easy and smooth process for this event is especially important.

Easy use, live support & the chat function/direct interaction with speakers via the platform are all important features.


  • Consulting & individual event design
  • Development of a microsite plus integration of a subdomain into an existing website
  • Programming streaming platform for 100 participants, video and audio setup
  • On site staging & set design
  • Technology set-up, equipment & live support during the day events (audio, video)
  • Live support & chat function for technical support during the event

Special Features Strudle

In addition to the existing basic equipment, special products and innovative services can be used to create new, unique online event experiences.

In individual cooperation, the team will advise you on new, innovative additional features and also offer their comprehensive services.

  • Plug & Play streaming kit for hire
  • Audio & studio productions (classical/contemporary music, AR/VR)
  • Gamification
  • Recording, utilization and processing of streams
  • Event visualizations (Drone Shots, 3D)
Solution B


Packages and Daily Rates

Streaming production & kit package from EUR 1500.-

  • Development microsite
  • Deployment, programming, CI design
  • Technology equipment & support/setup, acc. Daily rate

Selected products and daily rates

  • Camera operator EUR 400.-
  • Stream Director/Engineer EUR 600.-
  • Stream Production Manager EUR 600.-

Individual tools & packages on request

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