We work with a motor, yes, you heard right, we work with an electro motor, some with steam, but yes, we work. Day in and out to come up with great, some of the greatest ideas, in the this world and the entire univers. And we really believe this.

We work by the principles of

Jürgen Igor Bolgert

  • coordinating
  • humor and sarcasm

Mandy Mozart

  • frontend development and sales
  • identifying people’s potential

Eva Perner

  • solution oriented
  • motivating

Moritz Schuh

  • marketing and texting
  • a talent for mediation

Pirmin Schneider

  • software
  • detail oriented

Anna Spanlang

  • excel and car driving
  • good explainer and patiend

Nemanja Stojanovic

  • graphic design
  • adaptability

Franziska Seifner

  • video edit & post production
  • empathy, our personal seer

Stina Francina

  • music and trance consultating
  • good listener of both people and music

Bernhard Hammer

  • profound knowledge audio, sound, event
  • Teamplayer, Karate, Tennis

Gergely Kolozsvari

  • disziplin
  • classical music Vienna

Benedikt Brachtel

  • communicates
  • good vibe creation

Bojena Todorow

  • understands what we think
  • sales and foundings

Gerald Herlbauer

  • designer for technologies and visuals
  • experienced as fuck

Robert Huemer

  • indept tech knowledge
  • creator of his own worlds

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